The Free Box

By Lorry Traver

My favorite thing at any garage sale is the free box, though it can be slightly frightening to peer inside to see what treasures or perhaps scary closet creatures the sale owners are offering. However, it’s safe to assume that when you are offered something free at the Lapeer District Library, it is far from scary. We aren’t offering you anything that we wouldn’t find useful ourselves. While we offer a wide variety of services, providing free notary service is perhaps one of the least known about but most popular for patrons.

This service has quickly become one of my favorites because I know I’m offering an invaluable service to my community, and the best part is that it costs nothing. I can’t tell you how often I have a patron make an appointment to have materials notarized, then ask me how much it costs. I am always so thrilled when I get to share how much the library is willing and able to do for its community, even if it is through something seemingly simple like notarizing an important legal document.

We are so much more than just free notary services, so why don’t you stop in today and ask one of our friendly librarians everything we have to offer, and the best part, it’s not a scary free box creature!

This service is currently available at our Clifford, Columbiaville, deAngeli, Elba, Metamora, and Otter Lake branches by appointment only. Please remember to bring a photo ID with your current address, and most importantly don’t sign any paperwork prior to your appointment.

Published by on August 31, 2020
Last Modified August 16, 2022