Anelia from Up the Hill

Picture of a doll.

Hedwig Doll, Anelia, from the book, Up the Hill.

When a collector suggested that dolls be crafted to resemble the children in Mrs. de Angeli's books, she and her friend, Hedwig Ryglewicz, thought it was a wonderful idea. Hedwig and Mrs. de Angeli went through the illustrations in her children's books and selected which characters in what outfits should be made into dolls. Each doll had a hand sewn costume and custom designed wig by Hedwig. Mrs. Ryglewicz created dolls for over 20 years, so there are some variations in the dolls and their costumes, which is why we have two different Aniela dolls in two different costumes. The dolls were produced as exhibit supplements used for Doubleday Book Salesman, and were available for purchase only through Doubleday, so it is very rare to find them now. To see more information about the Hedwig dolls, see the Hedwig Doll Exhibit Page. Currently on display at the deAngeli Library.

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