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Graphic Novels for Everyone!

Did you know that we have graphic novels and manga for teens at the deAngeli Library? You can pick up a classic manga like Fullmetal Alchemist or pick the newest book in the My Hero Academia series. The library has books about characters with social anxiety (Komi Can’t Communicate), characters being reborn as spiders into a fantasy world (So I’m a Spider, so what?), two guys that are friends that may be in love (Heartstopper) and everything in between.

A View Beyond the Chaos

By Lorry Traver

As I browsed the young adult section in the Metamora Branch Library, I felt as though particular titles were jumping off the shelf, pleading with me to take a closer look. I had no prior knowledge of each book’s storyline, and had not been pulled in by the beautiful artwork on the covers. Without even realizing it, I selected each book because immediately upon reading each title, it made me think of some aspect of the world we are currently living in.